Wanderer Job Change Quest

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Base Level: 99

Job Level: 50 for Dancer, 60 for Gypsy

Reward Item: 1 Dying Swan[1], 1 Green Apple Ring

1. In Lutie, speak to the either of the Aspiring Wanderers (xmas 161, 209) south of santa's house.

2. On the west side of the Christmas tree (in south lutie), speak to the Performance Manager (lutie 132, 143), offer to help him. He asks you to speak with Song Guitar in comodo regarding the canceled performance.

3. In Comodo, go into the casino, up to the next floor, and south through a portal. You should end up on a balcony with a Cheerless Minstrel (comodo 139, 86).

4. Talk to him and inquire about Dancer Kim, use Kiss of Fortune (Lady Luck) to make him talk. He tells you Kim quit the group and is in hugel.
* Note: If you have not learned Lady Luck, selecting "Scream" has a low chance to advance the quest.

5. In Hugel, enter the building just west of the airship (hugel 153, 149). In the east room talk to Vacant Looking Lady and tell her she shouldn't give up. Offer to exercise with her and she'll ask you to meet her at abyss lake.

6. At the east portal of abyss lake (hu_fild05 342, 130), speak to Dancer Kim. She will give you a kill count quest for 50 Yellow Novus, with a 10 min timer.

7. After you succeed, she asks you to tell Guitar Song in comodo that the performance is back on.

8. After telling him in comodo, proceed to lutie.

9. Walk near the front of the tree and the show will begin. Click on Dancer Kim, and after some dialog you will be changed to wanderer.

Source: IRo Wiki


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