Sorcerer Job Change Quest

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Base Level: 99

Job Level: 50 for Sage, 60 for Scholar

Reward Item: 1 Wind Whisper[1], 1 Green Apple Ring

1. On the top floor of geffen tower, speak to Merito. When he asks what brought you here, pick any option (except the last). When has asks your name tell him.

2. Speak to him a second time, tell him you can handle magic skillfully. Then tell him that Sorcerers can deal with the spirits. Agree to his test and he'll tell you to go to Karacas on the 4th floor.

3. Go down three floors and speak to Karacas (gef_tower 113, 161) in the middle of the room. He says you will need 3 Wind of Verdure, 3 Crystal Blue, 3 Red Blood, and 3 Green Live for the next step.

4. Karacas then gives you locations where you can meet the spirits.

5. You must collect 3 reagents from the 4 locations (one from each location). For each attempt to communicate you will need 3 of the corresponding elemental stone. You will likely need at least 100 elemental stones.
*1. Ice Dungeon 1: Use Crystal Blues at the northeast corner (ice_dun01 274, 274)
*2. Thor Volcano 1: Use Red Bloods at the center of northwest room (thor_v01 64, 252)
*3. Mjolnir Dead Pit 3: Use Green Lives at the southwest part of northeast island (mjo_dun03 201, 141)
*4. Kunlun Dungeon 2: Use Wind of Verdure at the southwest part of northeast island (gun_dun02 195, 190)

6. Once you have a Clear Reagent, Black Reagent, and Red Reagent, return to Karacas.

7. Karacas will congratulate you on finishing the test and change you to a Sorcerer.

Source: Iro Wiki


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