Royal Guard Job Change Quest

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Base Level: 99

Job Level: 50 for Crusader, 60 for Paladin

Item: 100 Burning Hearts

Reward Item: 1 Dip Schmidt Helm[1], 1 Green Apple Ring

1. In the crusader area of Prontera castle, speak with Middle-aged Gentleman (prt_castle 48, 161). He will tell you about Schmidtz's trace.

2. Speak to him again, when he asks what is key to being a Royal Guard, select any option.

3. To show your endurance, bring back 100 Burning Hearts.

4. After returning with the hearts, listen to his story.

5. He tells you the last missing trace of King Schmidtz is in Glast Heim Monastery.

6. Head to Glast Heim Abbey and walk straight forward to (gl_church 156, 102). A popup dialogue will tell you that you feel a strong power.

7. Numerous spots will be marked on your minimap, at each spot, check the Delicate trace until you find A Saint's Clothing Piece.

8. Return to Prontera Castle and speak to the Middle-aged Gentleman again. He will take the Cloth and give you a King's Shield.

9. There is some strange writing on the back of the shield, check your quest window to read it.

10. Proceed to Glast Heim, at the north end of the right side of the moat around the castle, click on the Memory of King Schmidtz (glast_01 240, 367) near the tree.

Source: Iro Wiki


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