Genetic Job Change Quest

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Base Level: 99

Job Level: 50 for Alchemist, 60 for Biochemist

Reward Item: 1 Midas Whisper[1], 1 Green Apple Ring

1. Go to the Alchemist Guild in Al De Baran and find the Alchemist Union Member on the first floor (alde_alche 35,185).

2. When you tell him you have interest in Geneticists he asks you to find an experct called Devries in Lighthalzen.

3. Go to the Geneticists Lab in Lighthalzen. It's located on the west side of Lighthalzen.

4. Inside, talk with Devries (job3_gen01 25,58)

5. Devries starts talking about Geneticists but the conversation gets distrubed. He tells you he can't concentrate, but that he likes the cookies he had at home in Rune-Midgard.

6. Go upstairs to Devries' room and find the Delivery Box (job3_gen01 81,72). Open the box and take a cookie from it. Please note that the cookie will NOT show up in your inventory.

7. Talk to Devries again and hand him the cookie. He will confirm whether or not you want to continue. Talk 2 more times with Devries untill he asks you to conduct an experiment with plants.

8. Go to the cabinet south of Devries and read the Plant Guide. You need to read at least the option 'Plant' in order to continue

9. On the first floor you'll find several plants.

10. Acquire all of the following 6 plants:

* Sticky Grass
* Muka Tree
* Bigibigigrass
* Bogi Vine
* Congra
* Aolatura

11. When you get all plants to do the table and start the experiment.

12. You need to do it in the following order. The names for each option may differ at random, thus you might have to repeat this sequence if unsuccessful.

*1. Crush
*2. Heat
*3. Put it into a Testing Flask and Shake
*4. Dip in distilled Water
*5. Inject it into a Testing Seed

13. You will be ask which kind of Testing Seed you want to use, but you can select any option you'd like. When you're done, you will get a Seed For Experiment.

14. Go to Devries again and talk with him. He'll tell you he will recommend you with the Alchemist Union Member, but since it takes time he requests you go see Demi Calberine.

15. You'll find Demi Calberine (job3_gen01 91,48) on the second floor. She tells you she's trying to make a new cart but that some parts are missing.

16. Check out the Organized Parts spread on second floor. When you talked to all of them, talk to Demi Calberine again.

17. Demi Calberine will now ask you to test out Cart Revolution on Poison Spores. You will be teleported into the Poison Spore holding pen at the first floor.

18. You'll have to kill 100 Poison Spores, which keep respawning a few seconds after you've killed them.

* Notes:
* You can leave the pen at any time you like by talking with the sign outside the cage.
* If you die or exit the pen, you can talk with Demi Calberine again to enter the cage.
* Killing any Poison Spore in any other part the game not will allow you to complete this part of the quest.
* Although it's implied you need Cart Revolution, you do not actually need to to proceed. However, due to the amount of Poison Spores in the cage it would be considerably faster to have acquired Cart Revolution before starting this part of the quest.

19. After killing 100 Poison Spores, talk with the sign outside the pen.

20. After you've left the cage, talk with Devries again. He'll tell you no reponse has arrived yet. Please note that you need to remove your Cart in order to continue from this point.

21. Talk with Devries again and he'll promote you to Genetic.

Source: IRo Wiki


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