Mechanic Job Change Quest

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Base Level: 99

Job Level: 50 for Blacksmith, 60 for Mastersmith

Reward Item: 1 Green Apple Ring and 1 Driver Band[1]

1. Talk with Chainheart in Juno at (129, 156).

2. Talk with him again.

Source: IRo Wiki

3. Talk with him yet again, then choose the option 'I want to know more'.

4. Go to the Juperos Ruins.

5. Talk with the scholar outside the entrance to the Juperos Ruins (jupe_cave (37, 55)), and accept his offer to teleport you to the core.

Tip: You can avoid fighting the dimiks in this area by equipping a garment with a Frilldora Card compounded to it and using Cloaking.

6. Talk with the ghostfire at (149, 273) and listen to its story.

7. Travel counter-clockwise to talk with the ghostfire in the south-west at (53, 75).

8. Continue travelling anti-clockwise to talk with the ghostfire in the south-east at (242, 62).

9. Stand on the switch in the west at (29, 150).

10. Stand on the switch in the east at (272, 149).

11. Examine the southmost part of the statue at (288, 142).

12. Stand on the switch in the south at (150, 33).

13. Talk with the ghostfire in the north again, who teleports you back to Juno after the conversation.

14. Talk with Chainheart again, who makes you a Mechanic and awards you a Driver Band [1] and Green Apple Ring.

Source: IRo Wiki


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