Arch Bishop Job Change Quest

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Base Level: 99

Job Level: 50 for Priest, 60 for High Priest

Item: 1 Holy Water

Reward Item: 1 Mitra[1], 1 Green Apple Ring

1. Speak to Praying Minister (prt_church 103, 88) in the front hallway of Prontera Sanctuary. Tell him you would like to go on a Holy Pilgrimage. He tells you to find the priest in Umbala.

2. Speak to Priest Dayan (umbala 139, 227) near the Bungee Jump, and tell him I'm here for the Holy Pilgrimage. Then ask him how to pray.

3. Enter the Yggdrasil Dungeon and continue to Hvergelmeir's Fountain. Proceed East, and at the first fork go northeast, then south at the following 3 way fork. Continue till you arrive near (yggdrasil01 219,47)

4. The first part of the prayer is the meditation. Enter any text you desire for the second prompt. For the 3rd part of the prayer you will need 1 Holy Water. Afterward you will be warped back to Priest Dayan.

5. Priest Dayan asks you to go visit Vinue, a nun in hugel.

6. Inside the church in Hugel (hugel 158, 113), speak to Vinue (hu_in01 205,204) and ask her about her dream. After she describes her dream, tell her you'll investigate for her.

7. Northeast of Odins Temple 2, touch the Valkyrie Illusion (odin_tem02 281, 275).
* Note: The location is marked on your minimap when you arrive at Odin's 2.

8. Talk to the Valkyrie and help her. She will give you a mercenary scroll to summon a Valkyrie Mercenary to aid you, then warp you to the job test map.

* If there is not Valkyrie in the small room, someone else is in the job change and you must wait.

9. Immediately after spawning into the quest map, summon the mercenary via the scroll you were given.
* If this mercenary dies or you forget to summon it, you will fail the job change and need to restart the battle portion.

10. Proceed to the northwest corner of the map (marked on your minimap) and kill the Undead Valkyrie, pick up the two Broken Pipe she drops. Use ctrl+R to bring up the mercenary window and dismiss your Valkyrie Mercenary.

11. Talk to the Valkyrie (114, 328) that spawned, She will give you another scroll and tell you to go find the last piece.

12. Summon your Valkyrie Mercenary and head to the south end of the map (marked on your minimap). Once again, kill the Undead Valkyrie and pick up the Broken Pipe she drops.

13. Talk to the Valkyrie that spawned (xx, yy), she will reassemble the pieces and tell you to go to the shrine at the top of the hill (center of the map).

14. At the top of the hill, run past the Frus, towards the Valkyrie, and the Frus will despawn.
* Note: Be very careful here, when you walk past the Valkyrie, an NPC dialogue pops up which may disconnect the player.

15. Talk to the Valkyrie and you will be job changed and given a Mitra [1] and Green Apple Ring.

* Note: If for some reason Anguhilde's dialog does not continue, you can keep prompting the pop up by walking back and forth on the trigger cell until the dialog moves on properly and summons Valkyrie.

Source: Italian Ragnarok Community, Philipine Ragnarok Community


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